Temps Hit Negative Numbers, People Are Still Leaving Animals Outside To Freeze To Death

Across the country with a bitter cold snap, police and animal rescues are finding horrifying sights of animals frozen to death.

In Hartford, Connecticut, police charged a woman with animal cruelty. A horrifying sight, her neighbor reported a dog chained to a shelter outside the home frozen solid.

As bitter temperatures reach the eastern US, people reported several similar animal deaths in the recent days. Local authorities warn people to give their pets shelter in these temperatures.

Likewise, several deaths happened in Ohio. Frozen solid on a front porch, authorities found the dog dead. In Franklin County, Ohio, police discovered three other frozen dogs within two days.

Police in Butler County reported similar incidents. They found a dog outside a home frozen to death. They remind everybody that freezing to death is horrible and that they should keep their animals indoors.

In Michigan, a dog rescue center said they found a Pomeranian mix dead outside their office. On Wednesday, they rescued a dog they found shivering in the freezing outdoors. Unfortunately, the temperatures already reached his paws and gave him frostbite.

The shelter posted this on Facebook:

With more snow coming, animal protection groups urge people to report any animals they see left outdoors.

“Dogs, cats, and horses depend on our care, especially during life-threatening cold snaps. Take the animals in, or somehow provide a safe environment for them,” Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States, said in a statement.

Although dogs, cats, and horses grow thicker coats in the winter, the thick coats still do not fully protect them from below freezing temperatures. In general, the rule goes, “If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets.’

Keep your pets warm and indoors this winter. But, here are a few extra tips from the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help keep your pets cozy this winter:

-Avoid shaving your dog. Let it grow out a long coat to keep it warmer.

-Use a pet-friendly ice melt on your driveways.

-Towel dry its paws when your pet comes inside.

-If your dog has shorter fur, consider getting a coat or sweater to provide extra protection.

-Ice and salt chemicals can stick in your pet’s feet, wash their paws often. They can get sick if ingested.

-If you see an animal out in the cold for too long, please call your local police or animal control.

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