She was out for a walk, but came home with a new edition to her family


You may be familiar with the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme about 3 little kittens who lost their mittens. Well, this is not that story. But, this is a story about 10 little kittens who were lost. Thanks to a good Samaritan there is a very happy ending for the ten tiny felines.


Bree Taylor, of Queensland, Australia, was out walking with her dog Koda one day when all of the sudden kittens started emerging from the brush.  It wasn’t just a one kitten, but there were 10 tiny stray kittens.  The babies followed her all the way home.


When it all started happening


At first, Bree thought the mother cat would show up. But, she then realized by the kittens’ cries for help, that they must have been dumped on the side of the road.


Bree did the only thing that a compassionate person could do. She tried to rescue the kittens by picking them up and carrying them home. Even though the kittens were tiny, 10 kittens is a lot to hold in your arms. Keep in mind that she also had her dog, Koda with her.



Thankfully, the kittens knew a good person when they saw Bree. They started following her. This made Bree’s rescue attempt much easier to execute. However, one tiny kitten couldn’t keep up. Without hesitation, Bree scooped up the little creature and carried the kitten the rest of the way to her home.


Bree could have just dropped the kittens off at the nearest animal shelter. Her act of kindness could have successfully ended there. But instead, Bree chose to foster the whole group of kittens.



Kittens Find Forever Homes


The kittens’ lives could have all ended in starvation, death or injury from being hit by a vehicle on the road.  But thanks to Bree, the kittens have now found loving homes.


Check out the adorable video that Bree captured on her phone when she initially found the kittens. What would you have done if you came upon 10 stray kittens the way that Bree did?



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