A Dog Was Missing For Two Years in Texas–Then A Call Came From Nebraska

Missing for two years, this Saint Bernard was finally reunited with his owner.

Living in Austin, Texas, Robin Delgado found her dog Bowser in Omaha, Nebraska. After receiving a call from Nebraska Humane society, Delgado went to pick up her sweet pup.

The spokeswoman, Pam Wiese, from the Humane Society says she seemed ecstatic to be reunited.

The real question is, how did Bowser travel almost 900 miles to Omaha, Nebraska?

“He came fully house trained, knew commands, and you could tell that someone had put a lot of money into buying him and taking care of him. I could never understand why someone would let a perfect dog like [him], go to the pound and not go looking for him” Mosqueda says.

Alex Mosqueda found the dog roaming around in her backyard. After finding him and taking him in, they moved to Omaha. Mosqueda claimed the dog got loose in their yard and they could not find him.

Calling the Humane S0ciety, Mosqueda learned they picked up the dog earlier that week in her neighborhood. With plans to pick him up, they received a call from the Humane Society. The dog had a microchip registered to Delgado.

Devastated, Mosqueda broke the news to her family that Bowser wasn’t really their dog. She says her family loved the dog, and it became difficult to tell her children that Bowser couldn’t stay with them anymore. But Bowser needed to go back with his original family who desperately missed him.

Now, she feels happy for Bowser who is now back with his original owner. Hopefully this time Bowser will stop getting to into exploring and stay with his family this time instead of traveling over 900 miles to a new home by accident.

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