Thanksgiving is Served By A Man Who Uses Cooking Skills to Feed Animals in Need

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, food, and giving thanks. Around the holidays we always hear about those less fortunate than us, who do not get a glamorous Thanksgiving dinner.  Usually, the stories we here are about homeless people, but not in this case. During this holiday season, Malik Von Saint has dedicated his time to feeding those in need-shelter animals.

After adopting his little white pooch, Cannoli, Von Saint has been a sucker for dogs. His heart broke thinking about all the other animals in shelters without families, especially around the holidays. So he wanted to do something overwhelmingly sweet for animals that did not have a family during Thanksgiving.

Von Saint. being the chef he is, decided on making a meal for the animals living in the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in Buffalo, New York. Once he arrived he cooked enough food to feed 60 dogs and 60 cats. These meals were not small either; they were three-course-meals.

All of the meals he prepared consisted of animal safe foods. For the dogs’ meal, they had a beef tartare, then a chicken sous-vide with roasted sweet potato and basmati rice garnished with broccoli florets, finished with homemade ice cream.

The cats enjoyed a 99 percent lactose-free milk soup for their first course. Von Saint followed it with a meal called Le Chats Paradis, which is mostly fish. A “tiny catnip cupcake” finished off the three-course meal.

The president of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, Kerry Neaf,  told the Dodo that the meals were:

“a smashing success. And one of the cutest things I ever saw! It’s just so much fun to see them .eating fancy, garnished dinners on white china. Though admittedly, they don’t actually know it’s Thanksgiving.”

Von Saint explains,

“Them alone, while we celebrate with friends and family, did not sit well with me”

Von Saint’s act of kindness made so many animals Thanksgiving better. Share this beautiful story!

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