The Internet goes crazy over the tiny bed this man made for his cat


Cat lovers do anything and everything to please their little felines. Chris Carlson is no exception. He and his wife Julia own a sweet little kitty named Ollie. Recently, Chris wanted to do something extra special for Ollie. So he decided to make a comfy cat bed for him.

Julia wrote on her Facebook about how she was not expecting Ollie:

“Chris always said we’d never get a pet because they’re too much work and commitment. Well, he told me he was going grocery shopping and instead he went out and adopted this guy.”

She adds, “Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress…. It was for the cat.”

Although Julia thought the bed was for her, she was wrong: “Guys, Chris said, ‘okay I’m gonna go make the bed now,’ and I’m like yessss we’ll finally have a bed frame for our new mattress. I check on him an hour later and he has built A MINIATURE BEDFRAME AND SIDE TABLE FOR THE CAT. I’m dying.”

Chris tells,


My wife had been searching online for cat teepees and things like it, so I knew she’d find it hilarious.”

He adds, “I’ve dabbled in woodworking as a hobby for close to a decade! I’m self-taught with the help of YouTube DIY pages. I had some scrap 2x2s, 1x6s, and 1×2 of select pine for the headboard and frame and some 1/4 in plywood for the slats and used pocket holes and wood glue to hold it all together.”

After the couple posted their photos of the cat bed on Facebook, it went viral. Chris comments,


“I have gotten hundreds of requests for cat beds now that the pictures went viral on Reddit and Facebook.”

This hilarious stunt is pretty clever. Make sure to like this with your fellow cat-lovers. Share photos of any cat beds you find along the way!

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