A Cat Named Dog in Vietnam Has The Internet In An Uproar

The internet is full of animals and creatures that steal our hearts, but this cat currently has taken the cake (or fish).

In Hai Phong, Vietnam, there is an adorable cat named Dog. He is a three-year-old Scottish fold, and in English, his name Vietnamese name Chó means Dog. He works at a fish market, helping local vendors, where he is perhaps the most famous cat in the country.

Dog’s owner said, “It was a really hot the day I adopted Dog, and he was breathing like a dog, so that’s how he got his name.” It’s so simple and yet so perfectly quirky!

The Many Styles of Dog

Since most of us can’t travel, you can also enjoy the variety of online pictures available of Dog in all his glory.

Cats are usually too temperamental to put up with outfits, but Dog’s owner photographs him in a variety of costumes. For instance, Dog willingly wears tiny glasses with this yellow outfit that makes it look like he’s holding a fan.

This isn’t the only clothing Dog has worn. There is also an officer’s uniform as well as a pirate costume—perfect for any serious or swashbuckling moods!

Here is Dog in some clothes that show off his edgier side that continue to complement his “supreme” cuteness. He could drop some sick beats, and it’d sound good no matter what!

Dog doesn’t always wear outfits and costumes, and he’s a beautiful Scottish fold without the extra accessories. Below is a picture from his Instagram, which is captioned to show he screams how much “I love you all.”

His owner’s photographs showcase the big personality that this little cat has.

You can see all of Dog’s outfits and continue to follow his cuteness through his attributed Instagram.

10/10 would buy fish and shrimp from Dog.

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