The Look On This Cat's Face When Owner Catches Him 1/4 Mile From Home Will Leave You In Stitches

Since I am new to New York, I know how exciting it can be to run into someone familiar when you are out and about. Unexpectedly running into someone you know and care about is one of life’s simplest yet most profound pleasures. Running into one’s pet on the drive to work, though, is a little different than running into your cousin Pat at the local grocery store.

In some cases, it would be pretty terrifying to find your pet miles from where they belong. Not all animals, though, are the same. I want you to meet Louis, the cat.


Like many cats, Louis hates being at home alone. He absolutely loves his dad, Darren Sherlock, and he hates staying at home alone.

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Darren knew, of course, that Louis disappeared for stretches at a time. After all, cats love to slink away and hide in the darndest of places. What he didn’t realize, however, was just how far Louis traveled from his home in Brighton, UK before “the incident.”

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On the day the incident took place, Darren woke up like it was an ordinary day. When he noticed that Louis wasn’t readily available, he figured that he would be back soon as usual.

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“When we woke up and he wasn’t there, and he was nowhere to be found, so we both went to work thinking he’d come back soon,” Darren said.

Then, the wildest thing happened. As Darren was on his way to work, over a quarter mile from his home, he saw Louis.

“I was driving down the road and went past this place where I know he hangs out sometimes, and low and behold there he was,” explained Darren.

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You might be wondering what the big deal is. Well, on top of how far Louis wandered, as soon as he realized who was in the car, he made a surprise face. Luckily, Darren was ready with his camera to catch the magic.

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Hilariously, Louis made the most human of faces as soon as he saw his dad pull up in that car.

Darren needed to get to work. However, on that particular day, he was a little late. You see, Louis decided since his dad was there, it must be time to go home. He hopped right into the car.

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Instead of leaving Louis out there in the wild, Darren took him home and fed him a delicious breakfast.

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Of course, it is 2018, Darren posted the adorable photographs on Twitter.

When you bump into your cat 1/4 mile away from home..

— SнеRlock (@SherlockyTweet) April 4, 2018

The internet nearly exploded, and Louis went viral. With over 89,000 retweets and almost 315,000 likes, Darren and Louis had a few minutes in the internet spotlight. Is it any wonder, with a face like this?

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