The poor condition this horse was left in by his owners shocks inspector


While on a walk with her dog, a Kent England woman noticed a horse lying on the ground. Before she got a good look, she thought the horse was dead. Then the woman realized the dying horse was still alive. Her name is Adie.


When the inspector, Rosie Russon, from the RSPCA arrived, she was shocked. She explains,


“Poor Adie was just lying there in the middle of this enormous bare field. The ground around him was churned up where he had obviously been struggling to get himself back up after collapsing to his feet.  He had become so weak he could barely lift his head; it was very sad to see.”


Russon then tells how they managed to get the horse up: “A local horse rider who had passed us beforehand then appeared on foot, bringing us a horse rug from her own yard, and we used this as a sling to raise Adie to his feet. It was by no means an easy job. Between nine of us, we managed to haul him up and keep him steady. The kindness of these people was very moving.”



After getting saved Russon says, “He is still being treated with steroids and receiving parasite treatment to clear him completely of all those worms that were making him so ill. He’s through the worst and hopefully, before long, we can look to find him a loving new home. He’s a beautiful Standardbred horse who will be fairly tall when he’s fully grown. So he will be the perfect riding horse for someone one day.”


Thanks to the vet and the people who saved her, Adie is doing much better. The inspector was completely appalled by her situation. Please share this to bring awareness to animal abuse. Adie’s story is not one of a kind. Please pass this on!

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