The Things Animals Wear Down Over Time Tell Some Funny Stories


Time can leave a special mark on our lives and belongings. Sometimes the evidence of time gone by has a story of its own to tell if you examine the marks left. Take a look at the following photos to see precious evidence of animals over time.


A Dog’s Favorite Spot


Many dog’s love to hang their head out the window. The fresh air and having a bird’s eye view of the world is something that many dogs love. This dog appears to have spent many hours in his favorite spot.


Be careful though if your dog hangs out this much. A quick slam on the brakes could send this dog flying into the air, and ultimately onto the hard pavement. Sadly, this does happen and all too often. To play it safe, make sure that your dog’s torso is inside. All that aside, this is a cool photo showing what time has done to the paint of the vehicle on this dog’s favorite riding spot.



A Cat’s Path


Check out the carpeting here made by a cat who walks in the same spots each day. Cats can be creatures of habit. This is very plain to see here in the carpet indentations made by the kitty’s paws.



A Much Valued Dog


Look at this mural statue in Prague. It seems to show that the dog is highly valued. Just look at that gold coloring on what looks to be a greyhound. Time has just added to this beautiful statue. The dog appears to be glowing.



An Eager Tapper


This dog taps his paws when he hears a car pull up. Can you just imagine those paws eagerly tapping away, as you look at this worn out mat? What a sweetheart.



14 Years Worth of Scratching


Cats love to scratch. They will scratch furniture if they don’t have their own scratching post. Check out this cat who has made his mark, not to be erased.


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