The unique rescue puppy born with cinnamon roll ears

There are so many dogs in animal shelters across the country that go unnoticed. Each one has a unique personality and beauty all of its own. Consequently, these dogs go unnoticed because they simply don’t stand out from the crowd. Well, one dog definitely stood out from the crowd for the uniqueness of what has been called “cinnamon roll ears.” Thankfully, that special attribute, got her noticed for the sweet pup that she is.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

The puppies were initially rescued by a passerby on the street who felt that the malnourished puppies were needing immediate help. That person contacted the Pit Sisters rescue organization. The goal of the Pit Sisters is to find homes for dogs on the euthanasia list or dogs who have spent too much time at the shelter.

The president of the rescue organization, Jen Dean was the first to spot the unusually curled ears of one of the puppies. Dean knew that those ears would help that puppy find a forever home. And oh, how very right she was! That special puppy also got the other puppies noticed too.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

The Puppy With Cinnamon Roll Ears Became An Internet Sensation.

The rescue posted photos of the pup now called Cinnamon on their social media page. Cinnamon was an internet sensation. As a result, the pup with the cinnamon rolled ears got her siblings lots of exposure also. Soon many people were calling the shelter to adopt the puppies.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

A Happy Ending For All

Cinnamon got adopted into a family with 3 other dogs. She bonded instantly with her new canine and human family. As for the rest of the puppies, they also all got adopted. The puppies each had a sweet and unique personality. But their fate may have just been sealed thanks to the one puppy with Cinnamon roll ears.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

If you’d like to adopt a unique pet of your own, visit your local animal shelter. And spend some time at each enclosure. Every dog has a one-of-a-kind personality and special features like no other do in the world. In conclusion, Cinnamon got noticed quickly because of her unique ears. Other dogs may just take a little more time to discover their special attributes.

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