The Worst Day Ever : This Family Came Home Their Dog Howling In Pain –Then They Found The Empty Wrapper

If you never read another thing, this article is a must. Sadly, the dog parents you are about to meet had to learn this lesson the hard way. Don’t allow this to happen to your fur baby.


Nowadays, it’s not unusual at all to see people sharing their human treats with their dogs. Indeed, I do it all the time. My dog loves hamburgers and even salad greens now and then. Largely, whole, unprocessed food is perfectly safe for your favorite doggo. Even fruit, with the seeds and cores removed, can be a safe and yummy treat for your pupper in moderation.

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Please note, however, that there are certain foods that a dog should never ever have and this article will highlight a  few of them.

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I want to introduce you to Luna. Luna was a well-trained well-behaved Golden Retriever. Like they had done a million times before, Luna’s parents left her alone in the house when they went out to run errands.


Luna was a very well-behaved dog, and her parents had their house fully dog-proofed for safety. They honestly thought they had taken every necessary precaution to keep Luna safe. With one very notable exception.

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Like dogs will sometimes do, Luna got hungry and decided to wander the house in search of a tasty treat. Sadly, she lucked upon a pack of Ice-Breakers lemon-flavored chewing gum. That particular gum along with many other products contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol.

Luna’s family came home to find her very sick and screaming in pain. It didn’t take them long to see the empty gum wrapper, and they rushed her to the vet.


Once Luna’s family arrived at the vet, they started to explain what was going on. As soon as the vet heard her symptoms, he checked the ingredients label on that pack of gum. Right away he spotted the xylitol on the label.

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In dogs, xylitol causes liver damage, and most of the time it is irreversible. It creates a long and horribly painful death to occur.

The vet gave Luna’s family the news that every dog owner fears – they had to euthanize their sweet girl to end her horrible suffering.


Please note that although Luna ate gum and not peanut butter, I know that peanut butter is a favorite treat for dogs. Please read the label of that jar of peanut butter. Some companies put xylitol in peanut butter as an alternative to sugar.

If you feed your dog xylitol, it could end up like Luna.

Click here for a full list of things you should never allow your dog to have, as well as contact information in case you need to talk to someone. Watch the news report about Luna’s story below and please share to let all your friends know about this danger.

Feature Image via We Love Animals

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