Man Sees Therapy Dog Stuck In Traffic–Bursts Into Tears When Owner Says Pull Over

Because he’s a therapy dog, Sherman was used to getting lots of attention. Though his huge size catches people’s attention, his sweet personality keeps people around. Because of this, his owner got used to people flocking to pet Sherman. However, one specific interaction really stuck out to her.

After Sherman and his owner sat stuck in traffic for 15 minutes, his owner’s phone rang. She picked up and seemed surprised with what she heard. She heard a soft-spoken man on the other end named Andy.

They have a massive decal on three sides of their car. People can see Sherman and their contact number. Andy explained that he drove a few cars back from them and saw Sherman’s head stick out the window. He told them he just came back from a 3-month stay in a nursing home. Andy now recovered from multiple back surgeries.

Because he had to stay in a nursing home, Andy gave up his dog. He said he now feels unable to care for him. Sherman’s owner said she could hear him choking up as he talked.

Andy asked if they could meet up sometime, Sherman and his owner said they would love to within the next few days.

Sherman’s owner said she couldn’t get his sad voice out of her head. Calling him back, she asked if he wanted to turn off into the Walmart parking lot to say hi to Sherman.

When they met in the parking lot, Andy hopped out of his car with his cane. He sat inside the car to see Sherman. As soon as he sat down, Sherman nuzzled right into him. Andy sobbed into Sherman’s neck.

Letting go, he said to Sherman, “You’re a good boy, Sherman.”

Andy said this sweet interaction gave him the power to keep going.

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