These 17 Dogs May Not Be The Sharpest Tools In The Shed, But They ARE The Cutest


Dogs are always lovable. So lovable in fact, that they’re often unintentionally hilarious. However, when they are clumsy, or boisterous, or just plain silly — that right there, is when they are the most adorable. Like these pooches below, who may not be the sharpest tools in the shed.


Here are 17 Reality-Challenged Dogs.


1. I tried to walk on water. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t work.

Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

2. This dog, who needs convincing that the open door is actually open.


3. I ran away and made my owner spend hours looking for me.


Then I did this:


Image by WeLoveAnimals via Reddit

4. “Hey, I wonder what will happen if I bring the sprinkler in through my doggy door?”


Image by WeLoveAnimals via Reddit

5. “This water tastes awfully dry.”


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

6. “Everything you can do, I can do clumsier.”


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

7. Pull up a brick and make yourself comfortable.


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

8. This dog who hasn’t quite got that whole fence thing figured out.


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

9. And SugerBooger, who “may not be the brightest,” but who makes her mom’s job much more fun!


Image by Instagram via WeLoveAnimals

10. Diesel the English bulldog, who isn’t letting this box stop him…from whatever he’s trying to do.


Image by YouTube via WeLoveAnimals

11. “I thought I saw the cat hanging around?”


Image by WeLoveAnimals

12. This dog who found out he was afraid of heights


Which he figured out after opening the upstairs screen door and following his cat buddy outside. He then “required consoling before coming back inside.”


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

13. This dog is pretending to be a seal.


Image by via WeLoveAnimals

14. This unselfish dog, who waits for his friends to get their treats first.


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

15. Then there’s this dog.


Her owner threw a ball, but apparently, a potato is the same as a ball to her.

Image by WeLoveAnimals

16. And this dog, who wanted to share her toys with the mirror doggy.


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals



17. One of these two dogs gets it right.


Image by Reddit via WeLoveAnimals

Our dog friends always make us laugh, and we’re lucky to have them around!


Featured image by via WeLoveAnimals

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