These 3 Pets Are Perfect, But Here's A Warning About Leaving Pets Home Alone (VIDEO)

Most of us don’t like leaving our pets home alone when we have to leave the house. We worry. Is the coffee pot turned off? Did I leave my new book where the dog can chew it up? That plant that I’m worried might be toxic, did I put it where the cat can’t get to it?

Did I remember to unplug the phone charger?

You know how it is when you’re a pet parent. You want your critters to be safe while you’re gone.

These Three Pets Have It Down

Fortunately, the two dogs and one cat in this story are so well-behaved it’s almost as if they aren’t real. (They are, we checked.)

First, Margo, a mixed-breed rescue dog jumps on the bed as the cat quietly watches on.

Image by PawMyGosh via Rumble video

Soon Margo is joined by Pepper the dachshund and both quietly contemplate the cat, who is admirably statue-like throughout the video.

You’d think there was going to be some kind of canine shenanigans going on but nope. That’s not what happens. Quite obviously Margo and Pepper are well-trained, PawMyGosh reports. There’s no separation anxiety in these two darling dogs.

Margo takes a break now and then to check out the goings on outside. For most of the time, however, everyone’s in snooze mode.

It’s as if the motto is “keep calm and snore.”

Image by PawMyGosh via Rumble video

Obviously, everything was copacetic on this home front.

Things Went From Fine To Frightening For The Pets Below

We can see the pet owner setting up the camera to catch the goings-on:

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

Then the dog and cat mill about for a short while. However, then the dog decides to get down to the canine hobby of chewing things up. You did forget and leave that book on the coffee table, didn’t you?

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

Finally, the dog is done making a hash out of your book but is still doing cute, silly dog things.

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

Now the pets are comfortably ensconced on the sofa, and everything appears calm, but heck breaks out (this is a family site, after all) in the next second.

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

The next thing we see is this frightening statistic:

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

The video leaves us with one last reminder.

Image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

In the U.S., about 40,000 pets die in house fires every year. Pets just like the dogs in the video below also start about 1,000 fires per year. And the really sad fact is that many of these fires are easily preventable.

So here are a few things to keep in mind to make your home a safer place for your pet.

  • Never leave open flames unsupervised. Pets can knock things over, after all.
  • Climbing in the kitchen should be a no-no. Open flames from gas ranges, sharp objects, and hot surfaces are a dangerous combination for a curious pet.
  • Put covers on stove knobs. Cats especially are good at accidentally turning on stoves. Those knobs are irresistible.
  • No loose wires anywhere.
  • Unplug cords when they aren’t in use and make sure your pet can’t get tangled in them.
  • Believe it or not, glass water bowls on a wooden deck can start fires due to being heated by the sun. Ceramic bowls are safer.

While your dog or cat may or may not be just as well-behaved as the pets in the first video, if you take these precautions you’ll be keeping them safe. So that there can be more book-chewing for years to come.

Featured image by Electrical Safety First via YouTube video

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