When it comes to cute cats these cats are a “toe” ahead of all the others


Here at Animals Being Cute, we can’t get enough. We can’t get enough of adorable kitties, puppies, rabbits, birds, or bears, and everything else under the sun. It turns out, that’s especially true when it comes to kitties with extra toe beans.

Yeah, you read that correctly — there are kitties alive today that have four additional delightful little toe beans.

And we found the most delectable toe bean photos on the internet.



So, here’s what we’re talking about:

Most typical house cats have five toes on their front feet and four on their back paws. However, there are cats out there called Polydactyl cats. Polydactyl is a Greek word — “poly,” means many and “dactulos,” means fingers.

Now, let’s get to it and see some adorable Poly kitty cats showing off their extra toe beans:

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For many Polydactyl cats, the extra toes help them to be more stable and agile than regular cats.

Sometimes, the extra toe beans make a kitty look like they have mittens. Check out this guy hacking into his mom’s phone to add catnip to the shopping list:

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Polydactyl cats are sometimes called “Hemingway cats.” In the 1930s, a sailor gave the famous author one of these cats and Hemingway liked it so much, you can find hundreds of kitties with extra toe beans at the “Hemingway House” in Florida to this day.


Some Polydactyl owners swear their kitties are much smarter than regular cats.

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While the extra toes beans are certainly adorable, the extra toes appear because of a genetic mutation. Don’t worry, though, most of the time it’s completely harmless.

This next little guy is everyone’s favorite little superhero:

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Warning, if you happen to own a kitty that looks like this next guy, you may never find the strength to adult again:

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Your only option is to stay home all day and count the extra beans.


We can’t get enough of these itty bitty toe beans.

This next fella looks like he’s up to something.

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Considering he pretty much has thumbs, he can probably do just about anything he put his mind to, as well.

This next little cutie is just too adorable for words:

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This next little tiny guy is sure to grow into all those extra beans:

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Around 40 percent of Main Coone kitties have an extra set of toes.


If these kitties are indeed smarter than regular cats, we may be in trouble.

Check out this next guy, looking like he’s cooking up some devious plan to take over the world.

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The extra toes make for some great high-fives.

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We know one thing for sure — we are dying to see some more Polydactyl toe beans.

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