These Encounters Show That Goats Are Nature's Pranksters (VIDEO)

With their oddly rectangular pupils, floppy ears and seemingly mischievous smile, goats are easily one of nature’s most amusing tricksters. Because they have specially adapted hooves, few goats have ever met a wall they couldn’t climb. Even when its one like this:

Alpine ibexes out for a stroll and looking to lap up salt on the rocks of this dam in Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park. Image by Paolo Seimandi via The Daily Mail

If this image gives you the heebie-jeebies, keep in mind that a goat’s hooves are adapted for climbing steep rocks, and well, the steep walls of dams when necessary.

Goats Are Nature’s Practical Jokers

Like this goat, for instance, whose name just happens to be Brenda. One woman decided to take her kids to a local farm and they discovered a goat with her head seemingly stuck in a fence. And it seems like Brenda had a knack for tricking people.

Image by BoredPanda Image License CC 2.0 by Andrew Watson via Flickr

As a result, news of this lovable goat made its way around the social media.

Apparently, many goats can wind up stuck in a fence

“We had a goat like this,” commented one user, below the photo which was posted on Imgur. “Snowball would get stuck so often it was a rotating job for one of us to go check on her every few hours.”

Image by BoredPanda

Then there’s the goats-getting-heads-stuck-in-fences variety pack:

Image license CC 2.0 by Carrie A. via Flickr Image by BoredPanda Image License CC 2.0 by Sherri Barras via Flickr Image by BoredPanda

Apparently, goats can also be scary

Image by BoredPanda

Therefore, wouldn’t the goats in this video scare the heck out of you in the middle of the night?

So why have just one of these adorable guys when you can have more?

Image by BoredPanda

We’ll take Jim’s word for it.

Featured image license CC0 Creative Commons by Pezibear via Pixabay

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