These Kittens Making Silly Meows Will Make Your Day

Kittens are certainly adorable babies. With those cute bright-blue eyes, tiny ears and button noses, it’s impossible not to want to cuddle one. Then there’s that tiny “mew, mew” noise they make when they want to be picked up. But if you’ve ever cared for a kitten, you know they can be quite loud when they want to be. Especially if they are hungry. That mewing noise becomes an emphatic and oft-repeated “meow!”

And really, is there anything cuter than these babies? Image license CC0 Creative Commons by 12019 via Pixabay,

We don’t normally associate kittens with goats

But let me tell you something. Some of these little guys have been studying. The Himalayan kitten below has apparently learned to speak goat.

Nom nom nom!!! Screenshot by lorkers via YouTube video

Or at least it appears that way. When this little tyke is hungry, he runs over to his human mom, bleating all the way. Just like a goat, WeLoveAnimals reports. As soon as he’s in mom’s lap, he just can’t grab that bottle quickly enough.

Here he is being adorable in the video below:

And other kittens have been studying

This adorable kitten has taken this a step further and sounds just like a sheep. But who or what is she talking to?

This kitten sounds like a sheep. Screenshot by Crazy Cats via YouTube video

Clearly, she’s intrigued by something that’s off-camera. Perhaps a bird or some other critter. Whatever it is, this kitten definitely doesn’t sound like other cats.

Listen for yourself in the video below:

And these beautiful kittens in the video below are obviously intrigued by something outside. I’m guessing it’s probably a bird:

Then, of course, there’s the loveliest (and most comforting) cat sound of all: The Purr.

Cats actually meow for many different reasons, the MotherNatureNetwork notes. They don’t just meow. They communicate with chirps, chatters, trills, and growls. And kittens tend to “talk” more than adult cats, especially when it comes to their mothers. But as they mature, they tend to quit communicating with other kitties. Unless, of course, there’s a human involved. Our cats, it seems, like to talk to us.

And isn’t it wonderful to hear your buddy cuddling up and purring with you at night?

Featured image by Bolanu88 via Pixabay. Image license CC0 Creative Commons

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