Photographer Tiptoes Through Tulips To Get Extraordinary Harvest Mice Photos–The Results Are Stunning

Wildlife is a favorite subject for many photographers. And British photographer Miles Herbert of CaptiveLight is showing the world why.

About CaptiveLight

Image: Instagram

Herbert’s organization CaptiveLight helps people who want to photograph wildlife, but perhaps don’t want to spend weeks camping out, waiting for just the right shot. CaptiveLight breeds their own animals to star in the photos. So these sweet little field mice aren’t quite wild.

Using captive bred animals, Herbert explains, is more sustainable. It doesn’t disturb wild animal populations or trample their habitats. During photography sessions, the star critters run around the sets, frolicking in the flowers, leaves, and other props. Herbert also gives them treats. Eventually, Herbert releases his stars into a nearby nature reserve.

CaptiveLight holds public workshops and “photographic experience days” for the public. People can take workshops in Dorset, Bournemouth, Devon, and Hampshire. In addition to field mice, there are themed workshop days for people who want to photograph birds of prey, reptiles, owls, frogs, and more. Classes take place at CaptiveLight’s purpose-built studio, as well as nearby birds of prey centers and wildlife organizations.

Image: Instagram

Classes are small — a maximum of four people per two-hour session. This keeps the environment calm for the animals. But it also maximizes instructional time for participants.

The studio’s website also has lots of interesting technical information for people interested in wildlife photography.

But on to the mousies!

Make A Wish

This little cutie looks like she’s just about to make a wish…or to sneeze! Achoo!

Image: Instagram

A Mousie in a Purple Flower

Who can resist this little sweetie, with a bit of pollen sticking to his tiny little whiskers?

Image: Instagram

Everything’s Coming Up Mousies

This one, emerging from a yellow tulip, looks like she’s just been for a pollen bath. Or maybe she thinks she’s a bumblebee?

Image: Instagram

How You Can Get Involved in Wildlife Photography

You can follow CaptiveLight studio and its student photographers at their website, Instagram, or on Facebook.

If you’re in the UK, why not book a workshop day with CaptiveLight? But if you’re not, then no need to worry. Outdoor Photographer has many workshops and photography tours for photographers at different levels. A photographer from National Geographic offers an online course through Great Courses Plus. Your local parks and recreation department may also have low-cost photography classes and workshops available. Or, you can just grab your camera and head out to the park or the zoo. You never know what you might find!

Featured Image: CC0 by Jean Beaufort, via Public Domain Pictures

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