These pictures of 20 animals will show you how urgently the Earth needs your help and care


As humans, it’s our job to be good caretakers of the animals. There are so many ways that we can do that. Taking care of animals’ habitats and taking care of animals in need are just two of those ways. There are so many other ways to care for animals. Here are some photos that show compassion shown towards animals in need.


This Golden Langur was part of illegal trade. Thankfully rescuers took control.


Volunteers worked tirelessly to clean off birds involved in an oil spill.



Many horses are taken in to be slaughterd. This was one of those horses. Thankfully, a rescuer got him just in time.



A young dolphin was rescued after being found by tourists with fishing net marks on him.



This slow loris was taken to a sanctuary for treatment.



A rescued stray cat gave birth to this kitten.



These baby sea lions were starving.  Rescuers took them in.



Look at these baby green turtles! They were in danger. People took them in and saved them just in time.



Rescuers were able to save this baby orangutan from criminals.



A heatwave hit and these birds needed some extra nutrition.



Rescuers cared for this abandoned calf.



Bears need our help too.



Caged dog at a free market receives care by kind people.



A taxi driver saved these owlets.



Saltwater Crocodile with a tire around his neck waits for help.



Raccoons can often get into predicaments that require human interventions.



Illegal coal mining gives off poisonous fumes that this dog is breathing in.



This cow is living on a pile of garbage.



An orangutan and a tiger, both rejected by their mothers, give comfort to each other.



An abandoned dog gave birth to this tiny puppy.



I hope that these images got you wanting to help animals in need. Many creatures desperately need our help. If we turn our backs on them, many will suffer and perish.

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