These Twin Girls Were Utterly Alone And Lost In The Wilderness – With One Very Notable Exception

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. Adele and Elisabetta are four-year-old twin girls who were out, recently, with their family in Udine, Italy. The family was horrified to discover that the little girls had wandered off and gotten lost. They formed a search party right away, with many people in the area joining in to help in the search for the missing toddlers.

It wasn’t until they found who was with the girls that rescuers got the shock of a lifetime.


When the sun set, people started to panic with worry for the twins. One local resident by the name of Alexei Coianz heard about the missing girls, and he knew he had to help in any way that he could.

By the time Alexei headed out, it was already 11 p.m. No one had seen neither hide nor hair of the twins for hours. He and a friend, Francesco, hopped in a car and started out driving; both men on constant alert for any sign of the girls.

So many people went out searching for Adele and Elisabetta that there was a traffic jam in town. Then the men had an idea.

Alexei and Francesco both decided that perhaps the search would go better if they were on foot. They hopped out of the car and soon joined with a stranger by the name of Silvio. He was out searching, as well. You see, Silvio has children of his own and felt it was his duty to help search for the twins.


The men ran into hardships right away.

“We walk along repeatedly calling the two girls, but nothing,” wrote Alexei on Facebook. “The woods are very dense and our torches are almost useless.”

Finally, the three men arrived at a small building. They were fervently hoping the girls would be inside. Sadly, the building wasn’t hiding the terrified little girls. So the men kept walking.

Image By Alexei Coianiz Via Facebook.

Finally, after an hour of searching through the hazardous terrain, the men heard a reply to their calls.

“We’re here! We’re hungry! Come!” said a tiny little voice from the darkness.

When the rescuers shone their light in the direction of the girls, however, the sight that greeted them was the last thing they expected.

As soon as the beam of light picked up the little girls, it struck a third party, as well. The three men laid eyes on those precious little baby girls surrounded in a loving embrace by their Pitt Bull, Margot. She had stayed by their sides throughout the entire 9-hour ordeal.

Image By Alexei Coianiz Via Facebook.

She didn’t leave those precious babies alone for a single second.


The men must have been relieved beyond imagining when they found those little girls safe. Margot, apparently, was very excited to see the men appear.

“She immediately started running towards us, licking us and facendoci le feste (as we say in Italy),” Alexei told the Dodo. “At the moment I found them I was really calm and focused on what to do next, which was making sure they were healthy and make them comfortable.”

Image By Alexei Coianiz Via Facebook.

For her part, Margot didn’t even go far from the girls even after the men arrived. As they were wrapping the girls up in their sweatshirts and preparing them for the trip out of the woods, she stayed as close as she could get.

“Francesco and I stay with the twins and the dog who doesn’t want to move,” wrote Alexei. “[She] has to protect her children.”

After Margot and her precious charges were safely back in their family’s loving arms, Alexei, Francesco, and Silvio went back to their cars and drove to their homes with a story none of them are likely to forget.

Image By Alexei Coianiz Via Facebook.

“What can I say?” wrote Alexei. “A story to tell your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.”

Suffice it to say, one really fortunate family in Italy is as extremely grateful for their Pittie as I am to have mine.

Do you have a favorite Pitt Bull in your life? Tell me all about them in the comments.

Feature Image Alexei Coianiz Via Facebook.

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