They Refused To Be Separated — Now These Pittie Brothers Have The Perfect Home

Zeus and Country are two gentle pit bulls who are so tightly bonded that they cry whenever they aren’t together, and when they wound up at a shelter in northern Virginia, rescuers were worried that they wouldn’t be rescued together. These six-month-old pups are so close that they always share a bed, even when a second one is offered.

Image by SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties via The Dodo

The two pitties were well-loved by their family, but then their owner had to move suddenly and couldn’t take the dogs to the new home. Instead, they were taken to the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties on July 12.

Zeus and Country Find Their Forever Home

These pups love everyone they meet and are incredibly affable. And that cute, friendly behavior may be the main reason they have been adopted together!

“They are very sweet,” the SPCA’s executive director Lavenda Denney told The Dodo. “They give kisses and are very expressive. When you walk to their kennels, they quit barking and tilt their heads to the side to check you out. Big, happy puppies.”

It’s so wonderful that Zeus and Country have found a loving home together. These two goofy pups have huge personalities but are rarely unhappy unless they are separated from one another. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, they will whine and cry nonstop until someone brings them together again. Now that’s what you call “close-knit!”

“They prefer to be with each other at all times,” Denney said. “They sleep together in the same bed even when offered separate beds. They look for each other even when walking together on separate leashes.”

In fact, Zeus and Country are so bonded that the shelter stipulated that they must be adopted together. And now it looks like these sweethearts will have a happy home.

The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties has several adoptable pets, as well as many ways that you can help animals in need. Check out these links to find out more. You can also donate by going here.

Featured image by Danniel Martinez via The Dodo

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