They Were Only At The Shelter To Drop Off Donations–They Left With A Dog That Changed Everything

Since 2002, the dog you are about to meet bounced around from one shelter to another, never finding a forever home of his own. That all changed the minute, this couple stepped into the shelter, though. They were just there to donate a few items, not take home a fur baby.

But as soon as they laid eyes on him, they knew Rocky was going to come home to stay. It didn’t matter one whit to them that he was already 17 years old.

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Beth told Bored Panda about the encounter.

“We were there to donate all kinds of stuff that I rounded up with my military community and I saw Rocky walk in and I couldn’t stop thinking about that adorable old face,” said Beth, Rocky’s new mom. “Next thing I know I’m walking out with Rocky.”

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According to Beth, it took Rocky a few days to figure out that he was finally in a safe forever home.

“Rocky was in bad shape the first few days but after a bath and finding some good joint and health medicine to put him on we found his personality was sparky and fun,” explained Beth. “He sings and dances with us and loves to follow wherever we go.”

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“Rocky may have had some bad years but I made a promise to him however long he may be here will be filled with joy and love and lots of treats. He definitely brought a missing puzzle piece into our life and we are more than happy to be his parents,” said Beth.

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Beth even wrote a letter to her dear Rocky, and it is utterly adorable. The house seems wholly full of love. It warms the heart to know that Rocky will have a comfortable, loving, and safe forever home with his new parents.

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“I took you on knowing we were going to have to take extra care of you,” wrote Beth. “Knowing that one day you weren’t going to make it outside and I would have to clean it up. One day I was going to have to carry you up the stairs when you no longer have the strength to do it.”

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“I knew you were going to eventually lose your hearing and eyesight and we were going to have to spend extra money to make the house safer for you.”

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“One day I am going to have to say goodbye to you. But until then you are the best gift I have ever gotten! I’m really sad I couldn’t give you the best 17 years you deserved but I promise you’ll have a great life from now to the day I have to say goodbye.”

Stories like these are the reason I love this job. People like Beth and her husband inspire others. I am inspired to share their story so that you may be encouraged if only to realize there are good people left in the world. There are people left who have a love for each other and all of our four-legged friends.

As always, love each other relentlessly and everything around you, as well.

Image via Bored Panda

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