Thieves Threaten Dog Owner, Pit Bull Is Told To 'Watch Him' What He Does Next Is Brilliant

Pit bulls have been getting a bad rap for years now.  Some argue that it isn’t the breed it’s the owners while others believe it’s the breed that causes harm to humans and other dogs.  Joey Guindazola says his beloved service pit bull Zoey “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Zoey proved that pit bulls can be life savers by stepping up in a big way when her owner, Joey Goindazola came across thieves robbing his neighbor’s cars.

Now 11-month-old Zoey is being hailed a true hero and bringing honor to the breed.

The night of the incident Joey and Zoey were heading to his parked car in his apartments parking garage.

It was evening so it was difficult to make out from a distance but as the two got closer, Guindazola spotted them.

There were two suspicious teens.

Joey had caught them in the act!  They had been trying to break into cars in the garage.

“We were about to get in the car when two guys bounced up out of nowhere.

Joey questioned the teens as he approached.  It was exactly what he thought they responded by threatening him.  Telling him they had guns and they would shoot him.

They didn’t realize that Joey had a secret weapon…..Zoey!

He called for Zoey and commanded her to “watch him”  Oh, Zoey did a lot more than

Amazingly, Zoey did a lot more than just watch him. It was as if she knew her dad was in serious danger, she started barking and growling aggressively.

As if she knew her dad might have been in serious danger, Zoey started barking loudly and aggressively.

The bark was so fierce it sent the teens scrambling.  One ran down the stairs and took off, the other jumped on top of a car. Even Joey was taken by surprise.

When Police arrived, the boy was still on top of the car along with his backpack.

Zoey isn’t a guard dog, she’s actually a service dog.  Luckily the teens didn’t know she was harmless.  Zoey got a treat, playtime with her favorite toy and a whole lot of praise.

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