This 14-Year-Old Cat Was So Starved She Couldn't Even Lift Her Head

We don’t know where the kitty named Raggedy Ann lived or who it was that didn’t take care of her, but we do know that she almost died from starvation. At 14 years of age, she deserved to be pampered and loved. Instead, when rescuers finally found her, she weighed the same as a four-month-old kitten.


Fortunately for Raggedy Ann, rescuers found her just in time. Her horribly skinny frame alerted them, and they realized right away that they needed to intervene. When they brought her back to the shelter and weighed her, the poor girl was only three pounds and 15 ounces.

Volunteers brought Raggedy Ann to Saving One Life which is a rescue group in Chandler, Arizona.

Image via We Love Animals

The poor kitty was in such bad shape; the rescuers admitted later that no one thought she would make it. There was nearly nothing left on the poor girl. She was skin and bones.

However, that first night she slept soundly, as though exhausted from her ordeal.


One of the staff members, Brianne, took Raggedy Ann under her wing. She started to give the starving cat food mixed with some warm water so that it would be easier for the cat’s tummy to digest.

Image via We Love Animals

For two full weeks, Raggedy Ann received fluids to ensure that she was plenty hydrated. It wasn’t long, though, before she started to show signs of real improvement.

Image via We Love Animals


Every day, Brianne and her husband tended to Raggedy Ann. And every single day they could see that she had improved. They were highly impressed with her progress. It was about that time that the sweet kitty’s personality began to shine.

Image via We Love Animals

Like many abused animals, despite what she has been through, Raggedy Ann is a sweetheart. She loves being around people whenever she gets the chance, and everyone just adores her.

In only four months, Raggedy Ann tripled her weight. She went from less than four pounds to over ten. No one thought she would make it, but that cat obviously wasn’t going down without a fight.

As always happens with survival stories like these, this plucky little furball serves as a reminder. Raggedy Ann’s story shouldn’t make you sad. Instead, remember, if that little cat can come back when no one thought she would, you can do that hard thing too.

Watch the sweet kitty’s stunning transformation below.

The world is hers to explore. Raggedy Ann has been out and about, exploring new rooms in her foster home and hanging out with her fellow fosters. You can see Layla in the background here, observing her exploring. Layla left today to her furrever family, so now we wait for Raggedy Ann’s turn. #SavingRaggedyAnn #SavingOneLife #BeingAKittenFosterMomRules #FosteringSavesLives #AdoptDontShop

Posted by Saving Raggedy Ann on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Feature Image via We Love Animals

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