This Adorable Rescued Duck Greets Her Mom Everyday After Work She Catches It On Video

Chantel Grant and her husband have so many wild ducks living in their Minnesota neighborhood that the birds will just mosey on in and say “hello” if the back door is left open. Over time, the Grants grew very fond of their waddling companions and Grant began rescuing the cute fuzzies whenever she noticed a duck in trouble. If a duckling found itself left behind in a neighbor’s pool, she’d rescue the little creature and take it for a drive until she found the tiny bird’s family.

So she became known as the neighborhood duck rescuer, but she really wasn’t thinking about becoming more involved.

She certainly wasn’t thinking of adopting a baby duck

Until she met this cutie, that is.

Image by Chantel Grant via The Dodo

And named her Petunia.

The mother duck laid a clutch of eggs in bushes close to Grant’s house, and she loved watching the youngsters hatch and start running around. But after coming home from work one day, she realized the little family was gone, except for one egg that was left behind.

But then the tiny duckling began to hatch and Grant drove all over the neighborhood trying to find the family. Sadly, they were nowhere to be found.

Who would care for this baby duck?

Image by Chantel Grant via The Dodo

Grant called wildlife rescue centers to ask if they could take the duckling but received unpleasant news.

“They said that because she’s an invasive species they would have to euthanize her,” she said. “So that’s how we ended up with a duck! I would never let anything like that happen to her.”

So little Petunia became part of the family.

Image by Chantel Grant via The Dodo

Petunia’s in such a happy place that she even has her own bedroom — complete with a sign on the door that says “Beware of Guard Duck.” She loves to play “chase” around the house and has two macaws as friends. Another favorite activity? Snuggling on the couch with mom and dad. This cute duck prefers to be around someone she loves whenever possible.

This duck is the queen of her castle

“Petunia is just a joy to have around,” Grant told The Dodo. “When we are home she has free rein of the house. She is a very good flyer and loves to fly around the house.”

On some days, Petunia gets to accompany Grant to her job at a law firm, and she’s popular with the employees. On the days she spends at home, the little duck waits patiently for Grant to come home and greets her adorably, wagging her tail like a dog.

“When we get home from work, Petunia is there to greet us,” Grant said. “She is so excited anytime I come home, wagging her tail and just loving the attention.”

Image by Chantel Grant via The Dodo

Bathtime’s a blast for this cute duck

When everyone’s home at the end of the day she gets a bath, and she really loves this, Grant said. Then it’s time to hop up on the couch and cuddle with her family. This beautiful little duck may not be everyone’s idea of a pet, but she clearly makes her family happy, and they make her happy too.

In the video below, Petunia greets her mom and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Featured image by Chantel Grant via The Dodo

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