This Airbnb Shaped Like A Giant Beagle Is A Must See Travel Spot

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Airbnb has given people so many more options when it comes to places to stay during travel. Every place is so unique unlike some of the chain hotels that are the same in any city you visit. One Airbnb is so unique and it has dog lovers talking about it on the internet. The Airbnb is shaped like a Beagle! Let’s take a look at this cool dog house getaway.


Image Source: AirBnb

The Beagle-shaped Airbnb is located in Cottonwood, Idaho. It is called the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast.  The Inn opened up in 1997, and it has continued to be pet-friendly.


The Beagle shaped home is a two-story building. On the outside is a wooden deck which makes it possible to enter from the first or the second floor. Inside is dog-inspired art including dog carvings made by the owners, Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin who are also chainsaw artists.


Image Source: AirBnb

The owners have added many special touches. For example, they leave the guests dog-shaped cookies on the dog-decorated pillows. Games and puzzles are all dog-themed, as are the books.


Image Source: AirBnb

The view, especially at night from the deck, is said to be gorgeous. Guests can gaze up at the stars with their pets. The fact this is a pet-friendly Airbnb has added appeal for dog lovers.


Image Source: AirBnb

Guests Can Stay For $132 a Night In This Deluxe Dog Shaped Inn


The cost to stay at the Inn is $132 per night. Four guests can fit comfortably in the two bedrooms. There are also fun attractions close to the Inn. The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast website states, “During the day, take a jet boat tour into nearby Hell’s Canyon, visit a wolf center, learn about the Nez Perce Indian history and culture, go horseback riding, or explore around. Idaho’s famous ‘big dog’ is an unforgettable experience.”


Image Source: AirBnb

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