Bulldog Amuses Owner For Hours With This One Simple Trick

It’s almost a given that dogs love squeaky toys! They draw dogs’ attention so easily with the loud noise.

This bulldog is no exception when it comes to adoring his squeaky toy! His owner makes up a simple trick with the dog that leaves him in stitches no matter how many times he does it.

The trick is easy enough anyone could do it! The owner lies on his side and takes a squeaky orange bone to call the dog. He squeaks the toy over his arm in particular.

The dog comes running for it, but the trick is that his owner traps his head in the crook of his arm! The bulldog’s owner can’t stop laughing every single time.

It’s obvious that the owner doesn’t do this to torture the pup and keep him from the squeaky toy. In the video, you can see he has a tattoo of his dog, which is one of the clearest ways to show your love!

The bulldog could also simply go around his owner entirely to get to his toy, but I think it’s possible the dog enjoys amusing his owner. That’s a true best friend!

The owner squeaks the toy over and over for the same trick. Despite knowing what will happen, his dog comes running into the small space his owner creates. The owner pulls the toy away, and his bulldog gets stuck in his arm!

This pup looks like he’s smiling and humoring his owner. All the same, it’s nice of him to give his owner such laughter and happiness!

The owner is so amused that his laughter comes out in tight wheezes! He looks like the definition of rolling on the floor and laughing his butt off! This video is sure to cheer you up with its pure friendship and love!

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