Mom And Daughter See Cat On Side Of The Road Stuck In A Wolf Trap

A woman named Gisela and her daughter were on their way out to dinner in Montana one typical Friday evening last month. What happened next was anything but ordinary, however.


Once they got in their car, they noticed something strange on the road. They decided to take a closer look.

The pair approached the thing on the road and discovered that it was a cat with dark fur.

“I was like, ‘Here kitty kitty kitty,’ and he was just staring at me,” Gisela told The Dodo. “I went to step toward him, and I saw something that looked like a snake — I thought he had a snake and I was like, ‘Ew.’”

Gisela, thinking the cat had trapped some prey, started back towards her car because she decided to leave the cat alone with its catch. Luckily, her daughter Danaya Osei decided to take an even closer look.

As Gisela was getting in her car to leave, her daughter came rushing back.

“She was like, ‘It’s a trap,’” said Gisela. “The terror in her face was horrible.”


Danaya, at just 14-years-old, behaved exactly as I would have in that situation and decided to take action.

“She was like, ‘We’ve gotta go get it,’” Gisela said of her daughter. “I give her all the credit for saving him.”

They ran inside, grabbed towels and a phone to call the police. The police directed them to animal control. Then they spent what felt like an eternity with the poor little guy hanging on for dear life.

“He was scared and he had this huge trap with a chain on his leg,” explained Gisela. “We waited for about 25 minutes, not sure if we should just rush him to the veterinarian instead.”

They put towels over the cat to keep him warm and placed him gently in their car to wait for the officer. Luckily, they arrived ready to help and off they went to the vet.


Sadly, this kind of story is not all that uncommon. Pets get caught in traps like these all the time. Thankfully, this cat, who has now been named Bear, was found in the nick of time.

Sadly, the doctors were not able to save Bear’s leg. The trap had just done too much damage.

Luckily, there is an organization named Trap Free Montana Public Lands that offered to pay for Bear’s medical bills so he would have time to recover and find someone willing to adopt him.

Now that Bear is on the mend, however, he had another surprise for workers at the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter where he lives currently.


Bear didn’t have any identifying marks or microchips, so shelter workers think before he came to them that he was feral. However, since humans rescued him and showed him kindness, he is a changed kitty.

Workers were shocked at how sweet, gentle, caring, and loving Bear had become.

Our Bear is doing wonderful! He is loving all the head scratching and attention! Trap Free Montana Public Lands

Posted by City of Great Falls Animal Shelter on Monday, March 19, 2018

“He’s turned into the most loving cat,” said Lynn Formell, director of operations at the shelter. “He’s very affectionate to the staff here.”


Bear will be up for adoption soon, as he needs time to heal from his surgery first. He will need to find a forever home where he can be the only cat and get spoiled rotten, of course.

The very best news, however, is that Gisela and her daughter have put in an application to adopt him. They don’t have any other pets at home, although they have had cats in the past. Gisela told the Dodo that she hopes her application is accepted.

Us too, Gisela, good luck!

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