This Cat's Face When She Learned She Was Pregnant Is So Hilarious, The Post Went Viral

If you have ever wondered whether or not animals can understand us, this article will put your mind at rest. I want to introduce you to Ulla. Ulla is a kitty that lives in Greenland, and she just found out that she is pregnant. Luckily, someone was on hand when she found out the news, and the resulting photograph has the internet in hysterics.


The winters in Greenland are long, dark, and frigid. They can be quite testing on stray animal populations. Between the icy temperatures and constant winter storms that last well into spring, homeless dogs and cats that have to fend for themselves face a life-or-death struggle.

For those animals that find themselves outdoors during the Greenland winter, finding shelter is imperative.

Towards the end of the winter in the middle of April, rescuers pulled a young tabby cat from the streets of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. Rescuers brought the cat to an area shelter called Dyrenes Venner. Roughly translated, Dyrenes Venner means “Protector of Animals in Greenland.”

“Stray and lost cats have a really tough time during the winters up here,” said Inunnguaq Christiansen, a board member at Dyrenes Venner. “With freezing temperatures and frequent storms, they often have to seek shelter in the basements of older buildings.”


Volunteers at the shelter named the adorable new kitty Ulla. Ulla wasted no time letting her rescuers know how grateful she was. As soon as she arrived, it was obvious how happy and grateful she was to be safe, warm, and cared for finally.

Image via Happiest

Right away, Ulla’s very favorite thing to do was snuggle up with her rescuers. She also made many friends amongst the other animals in the shelter including other cats, dogs, and even the guinea pigs.


Workers at the shelter started to notice that Ulla was acting very maternal towards the other animals. She began to gain weight, and her behavior continued to get more bizarre and unusual.

So, the team at the shelter decided to take Ulla to a veterinary facility where a doctor could check her out and see what was going on. They quickly realized that Ulla was going to be a mom.

Image via Happiest

While the rescuers were surprised at the news, no one was more shocked than Ulla herself. Just look at her face in the photo below.

Image via Happiest


Tone Frank is a board member at the shelter. He was there snapping photos of Ulla’s ultrasound. He was the one that managed to capture the photo posted above. Christiansen decided to post them online.

“The pictures were so funny I decided to post them on /r/aww during my lunch break to see if a couple of people would share my amusement,” said Christiansen.

Image via Happiest

It turns out; that it was way more than a couple.

“A few hours later and the post was exploding with 90,000 upvotes and over 900 comments,” explained Christiansen.

So, what’s next for Ulla?

“She’s been living at a foster family since Thursday on a trial period, and they really want to keep her and all of her kittens,” said Christiansen. “With any luck, it’s going to work out for them.”

Image via

Now, Ulla spends all her time getting ready for the babies and hanging out with her new family. She will be able to give birth in the comfort of a beautiful, warm house full of love instead of in a shelter.

Do you have a story to share about an unexpected pregnancy? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Feature Image via Happiest

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