This Corgi Puppy’s Mealtime Routine Has Her Mom Dying Laughing


Do you ever eat a meal, and say ‘dang this is good!’ Well, you are not the only one! A precious little Corgi from Arizona loves to eat, and you can tell from her howl.

Willo is an adorable dog with a huge fan base.  When her mother adopted her at just six weeks, she noticed how much people enjoyed Willo’s company. Everyone commented on how cute the sweet Corgi was. So her mom decided to create an Instagram page for Willo. Instantly she became very popular.


Willo’s fan base has grown to 19,000 followers. People cannot resist her short little legs and adorable face. For Halloween, her mom dressed her up as a hot dog! Her followers absolutely adored the post.


The cute dog is very well known for her howl. Recently a video on Willo’s page was posted of her giving out a large howl after getting her food. Once her mom noticed that she let out a howl, she had to record it. Willo began to do it more and more. After each meal, she would howl. The Instagram audience loved Willo’s little voice. It went viral! Willo received many likes for her funny quirk. Her mom was just as amused by her pup’s howl.

When Willo is not being Instagram famous, she spends her time with her family. She enjoys playing outside, cuddling, and of course eating. After her family decided to adopt her, they knew they made the right decision. Can you blame them for falling in love with Willo’s cute little face?


For now, Willo is just relaxing. But sooner than later Willo will definitely be an Instagram star. Her fans are so supportive, as well as her family. Go give Willo a follow and a like on her Instagram account: willothecorgi.

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