This Cow Asking For Help Will Give You The Feels All Over (VIDEO)

On a quiet drive in the country, Dave happened on a cattle herd enjoying the water on a hot day in Millbrook, Ontario. One cow, in particular, wandered over to him.  As he stepped out of his car to enjoy the scene before him, it almost seemed like something was amiss because it looked like the cow was imploring him. Initially, Dave thought she was merely curious about him. But she kept pawing the ground with one hoof and mooing gently. She continued to look back at him as if asking for help. It made him wonder if something was wrong.

This Cow Was Acting Strangely

Image by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

Dave wasn’t worried about Flo the cow becoming aggressive because an electric fence separated the both of them. But even so, aggression didn’t seem to be part of her nature, and she continued to moo as if something was wrong. So he took a step closer, and it was then that he realized what happened.

Mama Cow And Baby Were Separated By The Electric Fence

When Flo gave birth, she stood too close to the fence, and the newborn slid down the small slope on the other side. Obviously, this wasn’t the best place to give birth. But she soon realized the fence was electric and she couldn’t reach her calf. And lying in the baking sun was no place for this sweet baby to be.

Image by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

So Dave decided to step in.

He propped up the fence with a stick and carefully tried to push the calf under, but there were bumpy obstacles in the way. He was quite aware that a fence, even an electric one, wouldn’t keep a worried cow from defending her baby. Flo was not happy with him touching her calf. Even so, Dave was determined to get the little creature back to his mother. So he kept gently pushing while the fence shocked him and the newborn repeatedly.

Image by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

Mama Cow Is Reunited With Her Calf

Dave’s patience and quiet determination finally worked. It was serendipitous that Dave happened along when he did, or this sweet mother cow and her infant might not have been reunited. In the video below, you can see how wonderfully protective Flo is towards her baby. It shows just how much a non-human mom can love her baby.

Featured image by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

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