This Cow Gave Birth And Something Remarkable Happened (VIDEO)

When this cow settled down to give birth on her farm in Minnesota last week, something happened that only occurs once in every 700,000 cases.

She Didn’t Give Birth to Just One Calf

Image by WCC0-CBS Minnesota via YouTube video

She gave birth to quadruplets, much to the delight and amazement of farmers Deb and Chuck Beldo.

“I’ve been around cattle all my life, and I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Deb said.

Image by WCCO CBS Minnesota via YouTube video

It’s not unusual for cows to birth twins, so the Beldos knew that was a possibility, Happiest notes. When the cow went into labor, Deb stayed by her side and kept count as each newborn made their way into the world. Holding her finger up each time, Deb counted not just one, two, or three calves. No, instead mama cow gave birth to four. Quadruplets!

Image by WCC)-CBS Minnesota via YouTube video

The two heifers and two male calves are thriving, and that’s remarkable because the odds of keeping all four alive in the first week are one in every 11.2 million. So it looks like these cute babies are out of the woods — and into the pasture.

“I think we are going to make it now,” Chuck said. “A week ago, I wouldn’t have bet a dime on it.”

This is the third time mama cow has given birth

During the first two times, one single calf was born.

Now the Beldos are busy with four little hungry mouths all wanting more more more! These babies have to be bottle-fed every four hours. However, the farming couple isn’t complaining. They’ve been posting photos of the cute mini-bovines on Facebook. Also, the whole thing’s gone viral.

“I believe there has been, as of today, 80,000 some shares from around the world, which is kind of neat,” Deb said.

“They’re doing really good,” Chuck added. “It’s amazing.”

However, the Beldos have made a recent addition (besides four calves, that is): Bottle holders have been installed to make the job of feeding these little tykes a bit easier.

Holy Cow! There are many bovines in the world

And these four tiny calves have upped the world’s total cow population a notch. 2016 estimates showed there are 988.6 million cows worldwide.

Now that’s a lot of mooing!

You can watch this engaging farm couple tell the story below.

Featured image by WCCO-CBS Minnesota via YouTube video

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