This Dad Says Their Isn't A Huge Difference In Dad Life VS. Doggy Dad Life

Living the dad life comes with many responsibilities. Christopher Dale can attest to this. Not only is he a father to a beautiful little boy, Nicholas…

but he is also a dad to a cute rescue dog named Vector.

 After hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico, Dale and his small family got a bit larger after adopting Vector. Vector is such a blessing to the Dale family. Although many people would argue Vector is just a dog, Dale would say he is much more than that.

Dale believes that Vector has made him the best dad he could be, and here is why…

Being a parent to a dog and a human are almost one and the same, but they do differ slightly. For instance, disciplining a dog is much different than disciplining a child. Even though you may try to discipline your dog, it will never be as easy as telling your child no. Dogs do not have the same language as us, as much as we wish they do. Dale states,

Fortunately, instilling discipline on our beloved rescues — whom we love wholeheartedly, and who can’t understand why they’re being restrained or reprimanded — makes it easier to say no to our children, with whom communication becomes easier with age.

Fathering has other sides to it as well.  When you get home, a greeting from your dog is always expected. This greeting is so much more to fathers than you could imagine. Dale explains it:

Our dogs are catalysts, expediting our transition from buttoned-up professionals to buttoned-down parents, from the hardened game faces we show the outside world to the soft underbellies our loved ones know. Vector is my doggy decompressor — he hastens my immersion into home life and its most important role: fatherhood.

Not only does Vector calm the family down, but he has taught them a huge lesson of patience. After Dale adopted Vector, he learned that Vector had a health problem called Ehrlichia. This disease comes from ticks and apparently it has really effected Vector. But overall it has taught Dale how to be a better father. Dale comments,

Vector’s vexing health issues have helped teach me to move forward — not just reluctantly but full-heartedly — despite these daunting, dangling parental question marks. I love him and his human brother completely, ellipses and all …

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