This Couple Gets A Surprise Wedding Crasher Who Eats The Bouquet Flowers


Morgan and Luke did what many newlyweds do. They got photos taken by a photographer so that they could remember their day. They wanted the photos captured in a natural environment, but they got a little more nature than they bargained for when a deer showed up and photobombed their photos. The results however are fantastic!


Laurenda Marie Bennett

“We walked over this hill and made it to a field where we saw, just over a wooden fence, was a deer,” the photographer Laurenda Marie Bennett said. “As soon as we arrived, the deer looked up and just casually walked over to the bride and groom.”


Laurenda Marie Bennett

But then the deer did something that surprised everyone. “[He] started reaching his neck over and grabbing flowers from her bouquet and just chewing away,” Laurenda said. “Then he steps over the fence so he’s standing in front of them, and he’s just hanging out eating her bouquet.”


Laurenda Marie Bennett

“We were all kind of giggling and looking at each other like, ‘What’s going on? What should we do?’” Laurenda explained. “Morgan’s expressions were priceless — they just kind of made the photos.”


This Is Not The First Wedding That The Deer Has Crashed


It turns out that this deer has shown up at weddings before. But for this couple, they were very surprised. “Never in a million years did I think I’d run into him, especially when photographing a wedding,” Bennett said. “I felt like it was meant to be.”


Laurenda Marie Bennett

Morgan eventually gave the deer what he wanted which was her bouquet. She borrowed a flower bouquet from a bridesmaid for the bouquet toss.


The surprise visitor ended up making the wedding photos extra special. This is truly something that you couldn’t plan for. It just happened and at the right timing too.


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