This dog was homeless and hungry — his reaction to his rescuer will make your day

Recently, a homeless and hungry dog was barely surviving life on the streets. Well, that is, until an incredibly kind-hearted man spotted him, anyway.


In Dubai, it was a typical summer day — hot, humid, and sticky. That’s when Anand Raman, podcaster and aspiring comedian, happened upon a stray dog.

When Anand spotted the poor thing, he was curled up under a parked car eating scraps of food.

Photograph of Dubai’s skyline. Image CC BY 2.0 from Francisco Anzola via Flickr

The dog was homeless and hungry and in need of some serious TLC.


Anand approached the little guy. As soon as the two made eye contact, the sweet dog made his way to Anand.

Sadly, at that point, the man realized that something seemed to be wrong with the dog’s front legs. Well, that’s when Anand helped the little guy into his car, and the most adorable thing happened.

Image from anandraman_ via Instagram

The second the little dog realized that he was safe, he laid his head down on Anand’s shoulder.


The little dog was utterly exhausted — there’s no telling how long it had been since he slept.

Anand was on his way to visit his sister. She ended up driving her brother and his new furry friend to the vet.

The vet examined the dog and found that malnutrition is what caused him to walk funny.

Luckily, Anand knew just what to do.

Image from anandraman_ via Instagram

Anand packed up the dog and took him home.


After Anand got the dog into a bath, he couldn’t believe his eyes — underneath all the dirt and grime was a snow white coat.

So, of course, Anand named the sweet guy Snowy.

So, as you can see, Snowy went from being homeless and hungry to living the high life with his new dad in their forever home.

And all because a big-hearted man did the right thing that sweltering summer day in Dubai.

Featured Images from anandraman_ via Instagram

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