This Dog Was Lost and Scared, One Thing Saved Her Was Remarkable

This story begins when a passerby spotted a dog under a parked car.  The dog was hiding under the car petrified.  Allison, the passerby called for rescue assistance.  Upon arrival, the team quickly worked at putting up a fence around the car to protect the dog from darting onto the busy street.  Slowly the dog began to make moves towards coming out from under the car.

Finally, safe in the arms of the rescuers the team scanned her for a microchip, remarkably she was, which meant they could contact her owners right away.

After reaching the owners the team found out that the owner had been walking Luna and her brother 4 days earlier when a speeding car struck her brother.  Luna wasn’t hit but she had slipped out of her collar and ran away scared.  Luna’s dad had been searching for her ever since.

Watch the rescue and the amazing reunion in the video below.

A microchip for your pet can mean the difference between lost and found. Tags and collars are important as well but they can rip and slip off. Microchipping consists of a veterinarian injecting a tiny computer chip—about the size of a grain of rice—just under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades.

The cost is roughly around $25 to $50 but is worth it when you consider the alternative of never seeing your pet again.

For more information on Microchipping checkout

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