This Dog Was Tied Outside A Shelter – Workers Couldn't Believe What Happened When They Got Close

When the staff that works at the Humane Society of North Texas showed up for work a couple of Tuesdays ago, they met with an all-too-common sight on their stoop. A young pit bull was tied at the entrance to the building with a rope. The workers were utterly shocked as they got closer to the girl.


When the staff initially arrived, the dog appeared “tired and worried.” According to The Dodo, she was carelessly tied to a post.

“She had no note, no collar or anything,” said Cassie Lackey, community relations manager for the rescue. “The rope was tied around her neck six times.”

Image via Humane Society of Northern Texas

Of course, the staff at the shelter knew that with any unknown dog they must use extreme caution. They slowly got out of their cars and approached the terrified girl. As soon as they got close, they couldn’t believe their eyes.


As soon as staff members approached the lone animal, she started to wiggle. The lonely girl knew that the alone time was over and these people were here to help. She reacted like animals do when their owners arrive home from work and everyone who saw it was in shock.

“The minute they stepped toward her, it’s as if she was saying, ‘Oh my God, there’s people here! I’m good now,” said Lackey. “She was friendly and so sweet since the very beginning. She will give anyone kisses, whether they like it or not.”

Image via Humane Society of Northern Texas


The shelter staff named the sweet girl Betsy. They brought her right into the shelter, where the doctors could check her out.

During the examination, they learned that Betsy recently weaned a litter of puppies and she is around two years of age. She was in pretty good shape, except for a treatable bacterial infection on her skin.

Image via The Dodo Video


Given how sweet and affectionate Betsy is, Lackey and the rest of the staff were horribly disheartened at Betsy’s treatment. After looking at the security footage, they realized that the people who did it came in the dark of night.

Image via Humane Society of Northern Texas

However, the staff also knew that they had a job to do. It was time to find Betsy a forever home where she could thrive.

After a week on medication for her skin, Betsy was in for an extra special surprise. It was time to meet her new dad.

Image via Humane Society of Northern Texas

The shelter was flooded with applications for Betsy as soon as word got out about her sweet disposition. Lackey knew it wouldn’t be long before she had to say goodbye to the sweet girl so she could go home to her new life.

Image via Humane Society of Northern Texas

Now, Betsy has it all. She has her own house, a dad, a bed, a bunch of toys, and a sporty new bandana.

Please, if you must find someone to take your dog, don’t do it this way. At the very least, leave a note with some of their medical history and their name.

If you must do this, please do it the right way. Share this with your friends to spread the word about this abhorrent practice.

Feature Images via Humane Society of Northern Texas

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