This dog’s reaction to getting a treat will make you melt–it is absolutely adorable!


Some dogs are so memorable. You will never forget how adorable they are or the way they act. Norbert is one of these unforgettable dogs.

Norbert is one of the kindest dogs you will ever meet. Although he is very small, he has a very big personality. He treats everyone he meets with an open heart. Also, this little dog is a registered therapy dog. He spends lots of his time at hospitals trying to brighten peoples day. Oftentimes, he goes to nursing homes too. They love him there because he brings lots of joy to them. When he is in the room everyone lights up!


Another cool thing about Norbert is that he was the only one born. Dogs are usually born in a litter, but Norbert was a one of a kind birth. He is one of the few dogs that don’t have siblings.


Other from volunteering and being one of a kind, Norbert spends most of his time being famous. Yep, famous! The internet loves this dog. Norbert has millions of followers throughout his social media platforms. People adore this little cutie.


But that’s not all, Norbert also has his very own book! The book is called Norbert: What Can Little YOU Do?. So many children look up to Norbert because of his size. He sends the message that no matter how small you are, you can always make a big difference.


Recently, Norbert was getting some treats, when the cutest thing happened. Watch the video below to see his adorable reaction to getting offered a second treat. You will most definitely be amused.


See, Norbert is too cute! No wonder his adorable face is internet famous! Please share this post with friends! Also, like us on Facebook! Even if you are little, you can make a big difference in the world!

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