This Family Made A Hilarious Sign To Stop Their Cat From Getting Outside


Laci Reamer is Hubert’s adoptive mom. She describes Hubert’s personality “as a grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention.”



Hubert has always been an indoor cat for the whole duration of his life. Despite being indoors for 8 years, he tries tricking his new adoptive family that he is an outdoor cat. The shelter staff has assured his family that he was only kept indoors before arriving with them.



Despite being an indoor-only cat, Huberts seems to insist that he is otherwise. “He tries to escape on the daily,” Reamer explained. “He succeeded one time in his escape. We didn’t know until he started walking up the sidewalk! How can you miss a 31-pound cat escaping through your legs at the door? Yes, you read that right! He’s 31 pounds. He’s chunky but spunky (he is on a diet).”



Hubert will often try to convince a new visitor to their house that he is allowed to go out if they would just please open the door. “We made the sign because he will truly give anyone that look with those big eyes like, ‘Please help me. I have things to see and do out there. If you just open that door, I’ll slide right by you,’” Reamer said. “He’s very good at begging, so we wanted to make people aware. We live on a busy street and don’t want him to get hurt!”



The Reamer family decided to compromise with Hubert. They know how much he wants to explore the great outdoors yet they don’t want him hurt. An outdoor cat can get into all kinds of dangerous trouble. So they recently ordered him a harness. That way he can go explore within the safety of a leash. For as friendly as Humbert is to his family, this sounds like a win-win situation. Hubert will be safe and he will also have his humans out there exploring right alongside of him.


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