This hairless dog’s life takes a turn in a better direction


This is Pippa, she is an adorable puppy. Recently, her family was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society. After being evaluated, she had mange and tons of sores all over her body. Because of the sores, she was also hairless.


When Amanda Harris saw Pippa, she knew she had to foster her. She comments,

“She loves burrowing in blankets and cud

dling more than anything in the world. There were moments where I’d peek in on her and wonder where she went, only to find her comfortably nestled under all her blankets. It’s super adorable.”

Since Pippa is hairless and has many sores, Harris has to properly take care of her. Harris adds, “Her care included weekly medicated baths, medication to heal her skin and proper nutrition. Once she began to get proper care, her skin started healing remarkably quickly.”

But her condition does not hold her back, Harris explains,


“She loved chasing their tails, cuddling with them and trying to hold her own in a game of tug-o-war. Also, I took her to work with me every single day in a little sling purse designed for carrying around small animals — she loved it and was always a big hit!”

Eventually, a woman by the name of Terri Dickson asked to adopt Pippa. Dickinson explains, “When I saw the pictures of her as she first arrived, I had to go see her. Once she was in my arms, it was all over for me. Best decision I have made in a long time. She is incredible.”

Even though Pippa had a rough start to life, things turned around for her. She is not quite hairless anymore either. Thanks to a lot of tender loving care, Pippa lives a normal life and is no longer in pain. If you think Pippa’s story is great, share it with friends!

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