This Homeless Puppy's Reaction To Its First Human Contact Was Beyond Beautiful

As a dog owner, there isn’t a single experience that is more gratifying than walking through the door to see your fur baby and their sheer excitement at seeing you again. Even if the trip was a short one to the mailbox, you could count on your furry friend to greet you as though you have been lost at sea.


In those moments, I often find myself wondering who is more excited, me or my dog, Sophie. In the past year, I have lost a 22 year marriage, both my kids to an empty nest and my home. Sophie saves me every single time I walk through my new door because it would be too bleak to come home to no one.

Wherever Sophie is, that is my home, and she reminds me every time I walk through the door.

The dog you are going to meet today proves that Sophie and all dogs like her do indeed enjoy human companionship just as much as we enjoy their canine companionship. Even when humans do terrible things to dogs, like abandon them all alone in the woods, most of them still want to be around us more than anything else in the world.

Just take a look at the puppy we are going to meet today.


Imagine being all alone in the wilderness when you’re just a child. Now imagine trying to do that without thumbs. This poor little guy you are about to meet was living exactly that way. No one knows how long he was homeless before the jogger came along. His owners must have just dropped him there and taken off.

A man was on a jog along his everyday route when suddenly he came upon this little scamp along the side of the road. You can just see all those long hours alone drain away as the little guy almost lifts in the air for swinging his tail so wildly.

The puppy acts at first like he might be a little afraid to get too close, but not for a second does that stop the obvious excitement at laying eyes on another human. With squeaks, a few barks, and a couple of yips the beautiful boy runs circles around his human rescuer.

It seriously looks a few times as though he has a smile on his face.


The very best part of this whole beautiful story is that the little guy won’t even have to be alone ever again. It turns out; he followed the jogger home. Once they arrived at the house, the man gave the dog food and water.

Then, because the puppy couldn’t stay at his house, the man called a local rescue. But don’t worry, the story doesn’t end there.

The puppy was adopted almost right away by a loving family! What a blessing for everyone involved. The jogger got to help rescue the little fella from certain doom, and a wonderful family gained a gloriously delighted new fur baby.

Watch the full video below:

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