K9 Officer Decided He Didn't Want To Go To Work–Keep Your Eye On The Dog

Spring has finally sprung in the northeast. Man and beast alike want to spend a little more time in the beautiful weather, as we all waited so very long for it to finally appear. It’s no different if you are a police dog. Meet Jango Fett.

Like most of us, it seems that on this day, Jango just didn’t feel up to getting in the car for the trip to the office. That is, though, until he got one very special and adorable treat.


Jango Fett is a police dog that lives in Annapolis, Maryland. He loves going to work with his partner and best friend, Officer Ryan Costin, every single day. To Ryan’s wife, Cassie Costin, it started as a typical day. She waved goodbye to her husband and Jango as they walked out the door.

She never expected to see them again so soon, however.

Image via Rumble Video

Within just a few minutes, Cassie received a text message from her husband saying that he was going to be late for work. You see, the officer was having a time in the front lawn with a dog that suddenly seemed more like a stubborn donkey than a police dog with thousands of hours of training.

Hilariously, Jango just laid down in the grass and refused to budge. In the video, you can hear Ryan pleading with the pup to get in the car, to no avail. Luckily, Cassie grabbed her camera.


“I don’t typically make personal posts, however, when you think that you are having a tough morning or don’t want to go work, watch this video to motivate you!” wrote Cassie. “This is my husband and best friend Deputy K9 Officer for AACO Sheriff Dept., Ryan Costin and our canine Jango Fett; trying to go to work.”

After Ryan gently tries to persuade Jango to get in the car on his own, he decides to try a different tactic – a belly rub. And it worked! Clearly, Jango just needed that little extra push. Who doesn’t relate to that?

Image via Rumble Video

According to Cassie, Jango is usually a very active dog. Ryan says that he lives to go to work. Jango is one heck of a good police officer, and he is well-loved by everyone on the force.

Do you have a lazy dog story? Is your dog lazy, too? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Feature Image via Rumble Video

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