This Kitten Was Going To Be Euthanatized Because Of A Broken Leg Until A Good Samaritan Stepped In

To say that Autumn Ganza loves cats is an understatement. Many people love animals because of a feeling they have about a certain species. And that’s all well and good. But love is an action verb, and Autumn has displayed much loving action towards cats even though her funds are limited. Let’s take a look at this good Samaritan and what she has done for one cat in particular of the many she’s helped.

Instagram/Castle Blackpaw

Autumn lives in downtown Chicago and she spends her time helping stray cats. Due to having Chron’s disease, Autumn does not have much money but what little she has she uses to trap, neuter and re-home cats that have no homes.

“I’m on social security because I have Crohn’s disease and that makes me pretty poor, to put it very bluntly,” Autumn explained. “So I don’t have a lot of money to throw around on cats and I throw all of my money and all of my time on cats, happily.”

Autumn runs Castle Blackpaw, which is a one-woman rescue aimed at improving the lives of cats. Through her rescue, she heard about an orange tabby named Pumpkin. Pumpkin was about to be euthanized at a local shelter because he had a broken back leg.

Instagram/Castle Blackpaw

Autumn Canceled Her Plans And Rescued Pumpkin

“I just basically screwed up my whole day and went and pulled him and figured it out,” Autumn said. “He was really adorable, obviously. Very fluffy. He was wearing this very sad little cast. He could barely stand up but was still trying to.

Instagram/Castle Blackpaw

Autumn and Pumpkin hit it off at the first time their eyes met. “He was kind of like, ‘Hey, get me out of here,’” Autumn said. Autumn pulled Pumpkin from the shelter but still had the problem of not having enough money to have his leg fixed. So she set up a GoFundMe page that raised over $1,700 for Pumpkin’s operation.

“I think it’s amazing because I’ve never put my hand out and asked for money straight out for a cat before, y’know?” Autumn said. “I never wanted to make a for rescue…. My mind is just blown.”


Pumpkin’s leg had to be amputated but his life has been saved. And that is a reason to celebrate! Great job Autumn and everyone who contributed to Pumpkin’s GoFundMe page.

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