This Kitty Mom Went On Vacation And The Pet Sitter Couldn't Stop Laughing When She Read The Instructions

When Gail Burgess planned her vacation, she did as most of us would and left instructions for the pet sitter. Most of us leave instructions like feeding times, bedtimes, where the toys are located, and medication instructions for example.

Well, Gail, let’s just say that she took it a few steps further than that.

Burgess left some of the most heartfelt, detailed, and amazingly hilarious instructions ever. Her love for her animals is infectious. Read on to join in on the fun:


Burgess is a consummate lover of all things kitty cat. She works as a volunteer and cat adoption counselor at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston, Maine.

She adopted the four cats you are about to meet. Say hello to Cooper, Lucy, Pootydoots, and Jack. Burgess realizes that animals have personalities just like humans do. To ensure they receive the very best care while she is 1,500 miles away, she knew that it would be important to let the sitter know about their little quirks.

Burgess talked to the Dodo about the notes.

“In order to make it easier for my cat sitter, I figured it would be good to tip her off to their tricks,” Burgess told The Dodo. “Jack, for example, is not the brightest bulb on the cat tree, and will almost always go through ANY open door, closet, cabinet, he doesn’t care.”


Burgess took the time to leave her sitter printed out sheets for each cat. They included photos and biographies of each cat that was so detailed; I bet even the CIA was impressed.

“I left the pictures because [the sitter] was having a hard time remembering their names (and yes they know their names),” Burgess said. “I figured a picture is the easiest way to keep them all straight.”


In the bios, Burgess left little details about each of the cat’s personalities.

“She likes to be rubbed on the belly and once she gets to know you she will probably go ‘Belly up’ for you! She also enjoys sitting on a lap!” Burgess wrote. “She likes the company of Lucy and Cooper, but is not fond of Jack (who tries to hump her on a daily basis).”


Learning about the interrelationships between Burgess’ kitty cats is too much fun. Apparently, Pootydoots and Jack are not the best of friends. But luckily, with a cat mom like this, it’s easy to keep the peace in the house. Well, most of the time, anyway.


When one of her daughters, Amanda, came by the house while Burgess was away, she saw the printed out sheets. She sent photos of them to her sister, Allison, who then posted the “cat dossiers” on Twitter. They quickly went viral.

When @ablington’s mom went on vacation, she left a detailed biography of each of her cats for her cat sitter.

— Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) April 22, 2018


The internet became obsessed with learning about Burgess’ kitty cats. However, Burgess said that going above and beyond for her fur babies was the least she could do.

You see, these cats helped Burgess through a very dark time in her life.

“I never even liked cats until the first one walked into my life almost 18 years ago. I was a dog person,” Burgess added. “I feel like that cat pulled me back from the edge of a bad depression that was slowly taking me down and poisoning my life … I was down for the count. Saved by a cat. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth.”

I think most of us, on some level, understand completely how she feels about her kitties.

Do your favorite cats have any super hilarious quirks? Tell us about them in the comments.

As always, have a great day and love each other, and those fur babies, relentlessly.

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