This kitty shows some love to his rescuers by giving them cuddles

It’s not unusual for kittens to show up in the oddest of places, especially in the Spring months. Often, no mother is around and sometimes lone kittens are left without siblings either. It could be that the mother was a feral cat, and got caught in a trap, or maybe killed some other way. Whatever the case may be, a young kitten can not fend for itself and will quickly die without nutrition. Death was almost the fate of one kitten until her rescuer arrived and made all the difference in this young life.

This is the story of a kitten named Woody. This little guy was found starving, dirty and no mom to be seen when a good Samaritan named Sandra found him. With some tender loving care, Woody has made a full recovery from the state that he was found in. And he couldn’t be any happier.

Woody Gets A Loving Forever Home

Woody likes to nap on his rescuer’s shoulders. He snuggles right in and rubs his head against his human. Perhaps the best part of this story is that his human has decided to keep Woody and give him the forever home that he deserves.

Footage of Woody and his rescue story has been captured on video and shared for all to see.  Take a moment to sit back and watch Woody from when he was first rescued to as he settles into his new and better life with his human.

In the Spring especially, kittens may show up abandoned. Sometimes the mom is in fact around, so it may be beneficial to wait and watch from afar. Sometimes, a mother cat will move the entire litter to a place that she feels is safer. This involves carrying kittens one by one and leaving some unattended. Just keep that in mind when rescuing kittens. Sometimes though, they do indeed need to be rescued, especially if they appear starving and cold.

Just Look At This Incredible Transformation

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