Little Dog Follows The Google Earth Car And The Results Will Make Your Day

Just in case you live under a rock and don’t know about it yet, Google Earth is this astonishing application that you can use to literally see and move around in a 3D version of anywhere you want to see in the world. Before I moved to New York, I spent hours on there staring at every angle of my new house that I could manage.


Google earth has been around for a while. The technology works by Google sending around a car (pictured below), a boat, a snowmobile, a boat, or a human with a special camera. The camera records information, then using a special algorithm combined with neighboring images, Google creates explorable 3D maps out of them that anyone can investigate at their leisure.

Since it’s inception, the Google Earth cameras have captured some hilarious moments like these.

There are whole web pages full of Google street car photos gone wrong. Or right, I suppose, it all depends on how you look at it. There are even people who, when they know that the camera will be around, do everything they can to get in a photo.

These photos out of Kumage, in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan, however, prove that it isn’t just humans who are into becoming Google Earth famous, the doggos are starting to get in on the action, as well.


Who knows, in reality, why dogs like chasing things like cars and bicycles so much? Apparently, the silly puppers don’t understand how stinking dangerous it is. Luckily, the whoever was driving the car when this little doggy got behind it was aware it was there and managed to capture the best photographs imaginable.

Still, no one has managed to figure out just how the little guy ended up in every single shot.

You can check out all the photographs below. If you want to check out Google Street View, you can do so by clicking here.

It started as an ordinary day behind the wheel of the Google Street View Car.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere this cute little fluffer appears.

That doggo looks pretty curious to me.

It was definitely a heckin’ curious doggo, because here it comes!

Look at his little face! That dog’s having so much fun he’s smiling.

Those little legs are just pumping away!

You would think with those tiny little legs; he would be getting tired of all that running.

When the car reached a dead end, the adorable fluffer ran off to find a new thing to chase.

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