Little Dog Separated And Lost Her Family In Hurricane Maria–She Thought She Would Never See Them Again

Little Daya’s life, and hundreds of other dogs just like her, was thrown into disarray when Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. You see, she had gotten separated from her family during the storm. Then, as weeks turned into months, little Daya surely thought she would never see her family again.


Certainly, Daya’s family never thought they would ever see their fur baby again. They were forced to move to Massachusettes following the storm. They had to leave little Daya behind when they could not locate her in time.

It was only recently, though, that they found out Daya was still alive. When the family found out that their precious fur baby was safe, they were over the moon.

Daya was flown to mainland U.S.A. and was driven to meet back up with her family at Second Chance Animal Services, which is near their new home.


Obviously, Daya’s family knew she was coming back. However, she is a dog, and while we think they can understand us, it’s clear in the video below that Daya had no idea she was going to see her family again.

A lady named Diane Tillotson is the marketing manager for the shelter. She said that when Daya arrived, she was timid. But, as you can clearly see in the video, that shyness was obliterated the moment she realized who was in the room with her.


Daya is not alone. Puerto Rico was absolutely slammed by one hurricane after another last year, and millions of lives were utterly destroyed in the process. The island is only now getting back power in some locations, and people just don’t have time to help care for pets that were abandoned and lost during the storms.

Luckily, some organizations have come on board to help with all those lost dogs. Much like the one that helped Daya. Sadly, most of them will never see their families again, though.

There are always rescue organizations flying dogs over to the mainland that need a home, however.

If you think you may have room in your heart and your home for one of these storm-tossed doggos, contact your local rescue organization. Or, if you cannot adopt and you want to donate to help dogs just like Daya, click here to make a donation to Puerto Rico Animal Unite.

Watch Daya’s homecoming below. Comment and tell us your favorite doggy homecoming story.

Daya & Family Reunite

Daya and her family reunited at Second Chance months after Hurricane Maria separated them! Daya’s family relocated to Massachusetts without their beloved dog after the devastation of Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and were excited to learn that Daya had been found and was being brought to Second Chance in a transport facilitated by St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and @Puerto Rico Animal Unite. Daya was one of 18 pets that arrived yesterday. The remaining pets without owners will complete a quarantine and medical release at our Almost Home Facility and then will be available for adoption. #SCAS #Daya #HurricaneMaria #PuertoRicoAnimalsReuinte #dog

Posted by Second Chance Animal Services on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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