This Puppy Was Thrown Out Of A Moving Car – We Need Your Help To Save His Life

Recently, a tiny puppy named Banky was thrown violently out of a moving car window in front of a flea market. An eyewitness who saw the whole thing said that they saw the people dump her directly out of the window as they passed. The incident injured the six-week-old puppy grievously.


Little Banky, as I said, is only six weeks old. The poor little thing has barely entered the world, yet already knows what it feels like to be paralyzed. They threw her out the window as though she were a rolled up newspaper, and the doctors are shocked at how bad her injuries are.

“Doing this for as many years as I have been in rescue, I am shocked, horrified and downright puzzled as to how adults can think that trying to kill a puppy is ok,” said Founder, Jennifer Brooks. “She is paralyzed, she has a hard tumor or abscess on her belly, covered in fleas and clearly can’t get up. She is a hot mess with mange as well. How anyone can look at this angelic puppy and inflict so much pain is downright barbaric. I don’t know if and have a bad feeling that she may never walk again. We need to get her to a specialty center for MRI, X-rays, fluids, pain meds, dewormer–you name it she needs it now. PLEASE help us pull Banky Brewster.”


Doctors don’t yet know the full extent of Banky’s injuries, but here’s what they do know right now: They desperately need funds to help cover the cost of Banky’s medical bill. The little girl was in bad shape when they brought her in.

But there is much reason for hope, she is a fighter and seems determined to survive.

A message directly from Banky herself!

“Hi everyone, it’s me Banky, Banky Brewster-By the time you read this, I will be in the middle of my Hernia surgery. I have been deflea-ed, dewormed, cleaned up, fed, hydrated etc… I feel sharp and i’m ready to take it. I have some special news, Dr. Terry got my back right leg to kick! We don’t know right now if my paralysis is permanent or temporary but Dr Terry and her team are doing everything they can for me. I heard her on speaker phone today telling my rescue she’s gonna hit me with everything she’s got! WHOA! I hope that’s a figure of speech! I may be small but don’t count me out everyone, I’m gonna make it and i’m gonna show everyone what i’ve got! Love is all around me, it surrounds me and it is INSIDE OF ME. When you work with your heart, you ultimately see results…I’m gonna show you the fruit of my labor. The rescue will let everyone know how I am doing this weekend ok? I love you and don’t forget about me.”

To help save Banky’s precious life, please click on this link to visit the site and buy a t-shirt. Or click here to visit a rescue’s Facebook page. Good luck, Banky. Here at AnimalsBeingCute, we love you.

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