Little girls love horses but this little one shares the sweetest bond with her horse

Certain animals have a special touch on humans. Horses are one of those kinds of animals. Many people who ride horses agree that the bond they share with their horse is unlike any other.

When sweet little Lilly Rae first came across a horse, it was unlike any other interaction she had ever had. One day, Lilly Rae’s parents decided to take her to the horse stable. It was there that she created a bond she had never had before.

The gorgeous white horse put its head down for Lilly Rae to touch. Then, she hugged him. She was confused by how something so big could be so gentle. She kept touching and hugging him. This beautiful exchange went on for about five minutes. Lilly Rae had never found something so amazing.

Luckily for her, the big white horse is for sale. Maybe her parents will think about investing in this new found friendship.

After a while, Lilly Rae gets even more comfortable with the new creature. She begins to give him kisses and talks to him. All the while the horse is nuzzling his nose into her.

Once their time is over, Lilly Rae slowly leaves his side. The horse looks lost as soon as she goes. But the little girl smiles bigger than she ever has before.

People should take after Lilly Rae. If the whole world were to be as sweet as she was to animals, we would live in a much better place. But unfortunately we do not, so we can only hope that younger generations like Lilly Rae, continue to take good care of our animals.

If you would like to see more of this story, watch the video below! It is truly heartwarming.

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