This Little Kitty Has A Special Play Toy–And It's Not What You Would Think

Ball pits aren’t just for toddlers anymore. Boomer, the cat, has a ball pit, and he loves it!

A Ball Pit? For a Cat?

You don’t have to spend a fortune making a something spectacular for your furry bud. All you have to do is think. What is it that he or she likes more than anything else?

Cats love boxes. All of them. Leave a box out, and if kitty fits, kitty sits. You can even draw a box on the floor, or make it out of tape, and your cat will love it. Boomer’s owner took an ordinary shipping box and cut out a hole.

Look! He’s having fun already!

In addition to providing a spy hole, the gap is just perfect for poking a paw through and batting at what’s inside! In this case, it’s ball pit balls. And they’re not expensive either.

You can get 100 of them for around $13.

But Boomer’s favorite thing to do in the ball pit is to leap from great heights into it. He’s fond of vertical jumps from the ground. He also likes to climb up to the top of his climbing structure and fling himself down into it. This is one daredevil cat, and he knows no fear!

One Unique Kitty

You might have noticed Boomer’s markings. He is a Bengal cat. The Bengal cat is a recently created domestic breed that has its roots in the Amur Leopard Cat. Bengals have distinctive markings that resemble leopards and other wild cats.

Bengals are talkative and playful. Most of all, they are famous for their high vertical jumps. Some can do a vertical leap four feet off the ground!

Boomer’s human trains puppies to be police dogs. So with Boomer’s high energy and fearlessness, he fits right in!

He also likes to play peek-a-boo. And when his owner calls him, he’ll pop his head up from his hiding place, deep beneath a sea of balls, to see what’s going on.

Boomer also likes to bring his other toys into the pit for a wrestling match. His toy alligator is a particular favorite.

And, at the end of the day, the ball pit is a great place for a cat nap!

Check out more of Boomer’s aerial antics in his owner’s video!

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video. 

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